Will Bobcat Attachments Fit A Kubota Tractor?

Kubota tractors have earned an excellent reputation over the years, and the attachments for their compact tractors are very effective. However, sometimes the owner may have other attachments. So, instead of buying new Kubota units, they look to use these on the Kubota tractor. 

BobCat attachments which can be fitted using the standard three-point hitch at the rear of the tractor and which may be powered by the PTO unit, can be used on a Kubota tractor. Front-mounted units and those that use the tractor’s hydraulic system will require modification.

Both BobCat and Kubota make a range of attachments that can be fitted to the respective tractors. While it is ideal to match the brand of attachments with the tractor, circumstances may require that the BobCat attachments are fitted to the Kubota tractors.

The Model Of the Kubota Tractor

The model number is the first thing to consider when using a BobCat attachment on the Kubota tractor.

Different BobCat attachments will fit on varying models of Kubota tractors. This article bases the results on compact tractors from Kubota.

Depending on your Kubota tractor model, the attachment points may vary, particularly for equipment on the front of the tractor. 

Kubota tractors range from smaller machines designed for light-duty through mid-size to larger, heavy-duty tractors. 

Variables, including weight, horsepower, and wheelbase size, will influence which BobCat attachments are compatible.

The Manufacturer Of The Attachments 

The safest option when purchasing new attachments for your Kubota tractor is to purchase attachments manufactured and sold by Kubota or their authorized dealers.

However, a Kubota tractor owner may want to use “non-Kubota” attachments for several reasons.

An example may be where the owner has (or used to have) a BobCat tractor and wants to use the attachments on both of the machines.

What Compact Tractor Attachments Do BobCat Manufacture?

The attachments which BobCat manufactures for compact tractors are listed below.

Where they are marked as compatible with Kubota tractors, the models affected are the following.

  1. BX80 Series (which includes the BX1880, BX2380, BX2680 and BX23S models)
  2. LX Series (which includes the LX2610 and LX3310 models)
  3. B01 Series (which includes the B2301, B2601 and B2401 models)
  4. L01 Series (which includes the L2501, L3301, L3901 and L4701 models)
  5. L02 Series (which includes theL3302 and L3902)
  6. L60 Series (which includes the L3560,  L4760, L5060, L4060, L5460 and L6060 models)
AttachmentPositionMethod of Attachment
on Kubota
PowerCompatible With
Kubota Compact
Angle BladeFrontRequires a standard
attachment plat on the front of the
compact tractor
Front End LoaderFrontRequires the Kubota Swift
Tach Loader
HydraulicRequires new
Pallet Fork FrameFrontRequires a standard
attachment plate on the
compact tractor
Rock BucketFrontRequires a standard
attachment plate on the
front of the compact tractor
Snow BladeFrontRequires a standard
attachment plate on the
compact tractor
Snow Blower – (Front)FrontRequires a standard
attachment plate on the
front of the compact
HydraulicRequires new controller
Utility ForkFrontRequires a standard
attachment plate on the
front of the compact
Utility Grapple AttachmentFrontRequires a standard
attachment plate on the
front of the compact
HydraulicRequires new controller
BackhoeRearLocked to FrameHydraulicYes (With Kubota K-Connect) and separate 14-pin electrical
connector and requires a new
Box BladeRearThree PointN/AYes
Finish MowerRearThree PointPTOYes
Post Hole AugerRearThree PointPTOYes
Rear Ballast BoxRearThree PointN/AYes
Rotory CutterRearThree PointPTOYes
SeederRearThree PointPTOYes
TillerRearThree PointPTOYes
Tine RakeRearThree PointN/AYes
Mild Mount MowerMiddleThe middle between
front and rear
Snow Blower – (Rear)RearThree PointPTOYes

Front-mounted BobCat implements require a universal attachment plate on the front of the compact Kubota tractors.

The rear-mounted attachments, which use the universal three-point brackets and the standard Power Take Off (PTO) unit, will fit the rear of the Kubota tractor.

The MId Mount BobCat Mower, installed between the front and rear wheels, requires a mid-mount PTO (Power Take Off) and is incompatible with Kubota tractors.

Factors To Consider When Attaching BobCat Accessories

While the list shows that many BobCat attachments are compatible with Kubota tractors, this does not mean they will work optimally. 

There are several other factors to consider.

Check The Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is reversed on many BobCat tractors and attachments compared to the norm on the other major brands, including Kubota.

If this is the case, despite being able to attach the equipment to the Kubota compact tractor, it will not work. 

To make it work the standard forward pressure must be attached to the block stamped with a “P,” and the return must be attached to the block stamped with a “T.”

Check The Electrical System

Determine the electrical controls required and how many solenoids the BobCat attachments use, and what functions do they control?

In most instances, a new 14-point connector with a modified harness will be required.

These are available at the following link.

Verify The Controller Will Work

The standard Kubota controller will not work with specific hydraulically controlled BobCat units. In these instances, an upgraded controller is required.

Check The Mounting Bracket

The attachments that fit onto the tractor’s rear use the industry standard three-point brackets and are fully compatible with Kubota tractors.

The attachments mounted on the front of the tractor require a standard attachment plate to be installed on the Kubota tractor before they can be used.

The exception is the front-end loader which requires the Kubota Swift Tach Loader System.

Final Word

In an ideal world, owners would only use Kubota attachments (or conforming third-party products) on Kubota tractors. However, this may not be realistic. To ensure that the Kubota owner’s investment is maximized, they may want to use their BobCat attachments.

Where the attachment is designed for use at the rear of the tractor and mounts using the universal three attachment system and power is taken off from the PTO, they are fully compatible. 

The equipment powered by the hydraulic system may need modification, and mounting systems require a standard attachment plate to be installed on the tractor.

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