Are Kubota Zero Turns Worth The Money?

Kubota zero-turn lawnmowers are substantially more expensive than most other makes. Nevertheless, they are well-made and have many features which add to their value. Still, the question remains – are Kubota Zero turns worth the money?

Kubota Zero Turn lawnmowers cost up to 300% more than the equivalent models from other manufacturers. However, Kubota has a reputation for toughness and longevity. At the same time, they also have the most comfortable and supportive operator’s seat, making them worth the money for professional contractors.

For private users, the other manufacturers zero turn lawnmowers offer a compelling proposition, and it is these that we recommend. This article compares Kubota Zero turn products against those from three other manufacturers.

List Of The Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmower Series 

The Kubota zero-turn lawnmowers fall into 8 categories (series) listed below. 

Zero-Turn SeriesEngine HorsepowerCutting Deck SizeAcreage Cut
Per Hour
Fuel TypePrice Range
Z200 Series21.0 to 25.042 to 541 to 5+ acresGas $5,924 to $8,947
Z400-3 Series22.0 to 24.0 48 to 601 to 5+ acresGas $9,489 to $11,504
Z700-3 Series23.0 to 29.548 to 601 to 5+ acresGas $13,955 to $18,651
ZD1000-319.3 to 21.648 to 601 to 5+ acresDiesel$18,369 to $21,049
ZD1200-324.8 hp60 to 72Plus 5 acresDiesel$23,134 to $24,914
ZG200-3 Series21.1 to 26.0 hp48 to 601 to 5+ acresGas $12,643 to $15,022
ZG300-3 Series26.0 hp60 inches1 to 5+ acresGas $16787 to $17,274
SZ Series19.0 to 26.0 hp36 to 612.5 to 4.5 acresGas $14,879 to $18,022

The Kubota lineup of zero-turn lawnmowers is extensive, meaning there is a suitable model for almost any application.

The downside is that these zero-turn lawnmowers are considerably more expensive than other equivalent machines.

This article compares the Kubota series against the following zero-turn lawnmower manufacturers.

  1. John Deere Series
  2. Cub Cadet
  3. Ryobi Range Of Electric Zero Turn Lawnmowers

How Do Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmowers Prices Compare?

The following list compares the Kubota zero-turn lawnmower models to the equivalent John Deer Zero Turn lawnmowers.

Kubota SeriesJohn Deere SeriesCub CadetRyobi Range of Electric
Zero-Turn Mowers
Z200 Series
$5,924 to $8,947
Z300 Series
$3,199 to $3,699
ZT1 Series
$3.499 to $3,799
42″ 100 AH
Z400-3 Series
$9,489 to $11,504
No equivalent modelZTS Series
$4,899 to $6,199
80v HP Brushless 54″
Lithium Electric
Z700-3 Series
$13,955 to $18,651
Z500 Series
$4,899 to $5,799
Z-Force SX
$5,899 to $6,399
54″ 115 AH Zero Turn
Electric Riding Mower
ZD1000-3 Series
$18,369 to $21,049
No equivalent modelNo equivalent modelNo equivalent model
ZD1200-3 Series
$23,134 to $24,914
No equivalent modelNo equivalent modelNo equivalent model
ZG20003 Series
$12,643 to $15,022
Z700 Series ZTrak
$9,207 to $11,479
ZT1 Series
$3,699 to $5,899
No equivalent model
ZG300-3 Series
$16,787 to $17,274
No equivalent modelZTX Series
$4,899 to $9,299
No equivalent model
SZ Series
$14,879 to $18,022
No equivalent modelZT 200 Series
$4,699 to $5,299
No equivalent model

Whichever model range is being compared to John Deere, Cub Cadet, and the Ryobi Range Of Electric Zero Turn Lawnmowers, the Kubota machines are significantly more expensive.

The difference is up to 300% more expensive than the equivalent machines by the other manufacturers.

What Do Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmowers Offer?

There is no question that Kubota Zero Turn lawnmowers have an excellent reputation amongst professional landscapers for being durable and easy-to-use.

The question is whether they are three times as good as equivalent machines.

The early Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmowers suffered from significant build quality issues, which resulted in the brand developing a poor reputation.

The following features are superior to the other zero-turn lawnmowers in the same class.

Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmowers Have A Higher Top Speed

The Kubota range of zero-turn lawnmowers generally can travel at a higher top speed than other makes of Zero Turn Lawnmowers.

KubotaJohn DeereCub CadetRyobi (Electric)
Top Forward Speed8 to 11.2 mph7 to 10 mph7 to 7.5 mph8 mph
Top Reverse SpeedUp to 5.6 mphUp to 4 mph3.5 to 3.75 mph8 mph

Cutting at a higher speed enables larger areas to be cut quickly. It also enables faster transit times between cutting sections.

Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmowers Are Heavier Than Others

Although being heavier makes the Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmowers more difficult to lift and transport, it does make them more efficient cutting machines.

It means that Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmowers have better traction going up and down hills and mowing over the softer ground.

KubotaJohn DeereCub CadetRyobi (Electric)
Weight621 lbs to 1,984 lbs554 lb to 995 lbsN/AN/A

Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmowers Warranty 

Because the Kubota warranty also covers two years for commercial operators, this is the superior warranty.

KubotaJohn DeereCub CadetRyobi (Electric)
Warranty Period48 Months or 500 Hours48 Months or 500 Hours5 Years (if registered)5 Year
Frame Warranty48 Months or 500 Hours48 Months or 500 HoursLifetime Limited5 Year
Deck Shell Warranty48 Months or 500 Hours48 Months or 500 HoursLifetime Limited5 Year
Commercial Warranty24 MonthsNilNil90 Days

Standard Features On The Zero Turn Lawnmowers

KubotaJohn DeereCub CadetRyobi (Electric)
Gas Tank CapacityUp to 6
gallons (23I)
Up to 8 gallons3.5 gallonsN/A
Water Temperature IndicatorYesAir-CooledAir-CooledN/A
Hour MeterYesNoOptionalComprehensive LCD Screen & Control Panel displaying runtime, battery life, cut speed, drive speed, and on/off headlights.
Fuel GaugeYesFuel level sight lineRemaining Battery Life
HeadlightsNoLED Work LightsLED Work LightsLED Work Lights
Rollover Protective
Structure (ROPS)
YesOn certain modelsNoNO
Storage CompartmentNoYesNoNo
Cup HolderNoOne Cup HolderOne Cup HolderTwo Cup Holders

Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmower Cutting Decks Are the Thickest

The steel used in manufacturing the Kubota cutting decks is almost 50% thicker than that used in the John Deere Zero Turn Lawnmowers.

This makes the Kubota Zero Turn Lawnmowers more durable and is why these machines are popular with commercial lawn contractors.

KubotaJohn DeereCub CadetRyobi (Electric)
Deck Steel0.16 inch steel12 gauge
0.105 inch steel
11-Gauge Heavy Duty Steel10-Gauge Heavy Duty Steel

Final Word

For a professional contractor, there is no question that Kubota zero-turn lawnmowers are worth the money. 

However, for the private owner who is not going to use the lawnmower as extensively and, in all likelihood, will treat it more gently, the other models are more suitable.

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