John Deere Gator Snow Plow Options [What You Need to Plow Snow]

Gators are the perfect vehicle to fit a snow plow with the proper attachments. They offer more muscle than ATVs and ride-on lawnmowers and are more maneuverable than tractors. There are four primary manufacturers of snow plows who produce equipment designed specifically for John Deere UTVs.

You can plow snow with almost any model of John Deere Gators; in fact, John Deere specifically endorses the plows manufactured by WESTERN® Snow and Ice Removal Products. The other Gator snow blade manufacturers include Snow-Way, Eagle Plows, and Denali Plows®, each of which offers a capable product.

It’s a good idea to be prepared with the necessary snow plow equipment before the heavy snows start falling. This article lists the manufacturers of snow plows designed explicitly for UTVs, like the John Deere Gator.

You Can Plow Snow With A John Deere Gator

While John Deere does not sell its own snow plows that can be attached to its Gators, several third-party suppliers do.

The companies that provide these devices are listed below.

  1. WESTERN® Snow and Ice Removal Products(John Deere approved.)
  2. Snow-Way Snow and ice control equipment.
  3. Eagle Plows.
  4. Denali Plows®.

WESTERN® Snow And Ice Removal Products

Snow and ice removal products are the only devices approved by John Deere.

The snow and ice removal products approved by John Deere include the following.

  1. 72-inch (1.82-m) width with a straight hydraulic blade
  2. 72-inch (1.82-m) width with a hydraulic v-blade
  3. 72-inch (1.82-m) width with a manually adjusted v-blade
  4. 72-inch (1.82-m) width with a straight blade
  5. 66-inch (1.7-m) width with a straight blade

The blades from Western® offer the following features.

  1. The hydraulically controlled blades can be adjusted via a remote control unit which can be adjusted from within the cab, making them the weatherproof option.
  2. All blades are structurally reinforced, making them hardwearing and durable.
  3. All of the blades have a quick attachment and release system making them easy to attach and release from the Gator.
  4. All of the blades are fitted with “trip protection,” which includes two heavy-duty springs which allow the blade to “trip” when an obstacle is encountered.
  5. Both the 66 and 72-inch blades are ideal for cleaning driveways.
  6. The 66-inch blades are narrow enough to clean sidewalks easily.

John Deere Gators Used With Western Snow Plows?

The John Deere Gator Models suitable for snow plows are as follows.

Blade WidthGator Models
66-inch (1.7m) widthXUV 560
XUV 590
RSX 860I
XUV 825I
XUV 855D
HPX 4×4
TS 4×2
TX 4×2
TH 6×4
72-inch (1.82m) widthXUV625I
HPX 4×4
TS 4×2
TX 4×2
TH 6×4


Snow-Way Snow And Ice Control Equipment

Snow-Way manufactures two snow and ice blades that can be installed on John Deer Gator products.

The two models are.

  1. UTV Trip-Edge 72-inch (1.82-m) width Straight Plow.
  2. UTV Flared V-Plow Series 72-inch (1.82-m) width V-shaped plow.

The V-plow uses three ribs attached to each wing to maintain the unit’s structural rigidity.

Snow-Way indicates that their snow and ice equipment can be fitted to the following John Deere Gator models.

ModelYear Model
Gator XUV 8652018 to 2019
Gator XUV 8552011 to 2016
Gator XUV 8352018 to 2019
Gator XUV 8252011 to 2016
Gator XUV 625I2011 to 2016
Gator RSX 850I/860I2012 to 2019
Gator HPX 815E2018 to 2019
Gator HPX 615E2018 to 2019

   The features of these snow plows are listed below.

  1. The plows are coated with three layers of protection: zinc phosphate (prevents rust) and an E-Coat primer (provides a deeper level of rust protection.)
  2. The plows are fitted with heavy-duty springs ensuring their durability.
  3. The company uses tube steel with a unique joining methodology, ensuring that the forces get spread across the whole unit and not just at the impact point.
  4. Snow-Way uses a patented “Shock killer” system to absorb impacts, protecting the equipment while plowing.

The following options are available.

Wireless Pro-Control

A wireless controller is available to carry in the cab, which removes the need to get out in the cold snow to adjust the blade’s position and angle.

Snow Deflector

Snow deflectors manufactured from High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMPE) are available for straight blades.

Plow Shoes

Plow Shoes are a worthwhile investment because they extend the blade’s life.

They are easy to install and remove from the snow plow.

¾ Inch Thick Cutting Edge

Optional cutting edges manufactured from UHMW polyethylene are ideal for clearing snow from easily damaged surfaces such as decorative surfaces, paving stones, cement driveways, or any other surface which is more easily scratched.

Cutting Guides

The bright yellow cutting guides enable the operator to easily see the blade’s edges, ensuring you can maneuver it accurately.

De-Icing Spreader Units

Snow-Way also offers Spreader Units installed on the back of the Gator and can be used simultaneously with the snow plow.

Three models of the spreader are available.

  1. UTV Tailgate Series
  2. 6-Cubit-Foot model
  3. UTV Revolution V-Box Series
  4. RVB500 spreader

Eagle Plows

The Eagle Plows are manufactured with blade lengths of 5.5 feet and 6 feet.

Eagle plows offer several plow models specifically for john Deere, as per the following list.

2012 – 2017550 Gator XUV
2012 – 2017550 Gator XUV S4
2016 – 2017560 Gator XUV
2016 – 2017560 Gator XUV S4
2016 – 2019590 Gator XUV
2016 – 2017590 Gator XUV S4
2019590E Gator XUV
2019590E Gator XUV S4
2019590M Gator XUV
2019590M Gator XUV Special Edition
2018615E Gator HPX
2011-2015625I Gator XUV
2019825E Gator XUV
2011-2019825I Gator XUV
2013-2017825I Gator XUV S-4
2019825M Gator XUV
2018835 Gator XUV
2019835M Gator XUV
2012 -2015850I Gator RSX
2011-2015855D Gator XUV
2011-2015855D Gator XUV S-4
2016-2019860 Gator RSX (I) (E) (M)
2019860E Gator RSX
2019-2020850M Gator RSX


Denali Snow Plows

MotoAlliance manufactures the Denali snow plows.

The Denali UTV Snow Plow is designed for use with UTV’s making it suitable for John Deere Gators.

The product features are as follows.

  1. The blade is made from 11 gauge steel, with Four 7 gauge ribs running the full height of the blade for added strength.
  2. The attack blade is angled at 65°, which makes the snow roll up and the thrown forward.
  3. The adjustable skid feet ( Plow Shoes) protect the blades.
  4. A replaceable seven gauge steel wear bar is included with every kit.
  5. The blades include an easy locking system making them simple to install and remove for the John Deere Gator.
  6. Extended push tubes are available if tracks are fitted to the John Deere Gator.
  7. Optional hydraulic lift kits are available.

All Denali Snow Plows require a separate winch kit (not included in the purchase) to adjust the plow’s height.

MotoAlliance recommends the following winch kits.

  1. VIPER Elite
  2. VIPER Max
  3. VIPER Midnight winches

Final Word

Gators are very versatile machines, and amongst their many capabilities is the ability to plow snow, keeping your driveways and sidewalks safe to use. 

Each manufacturer discussed in this article provides capable snow plow equipment for your John Deere Gator.

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