How Do You Charge A John Deere Gator? [Home Charging Tips]

The range of Gator UVs from John Deere are some of the most useful and practical utility vehicles on the market. Almost no other brand can compare to the John Deere UVs. John Deere has released an electric version of their powerful Gator UV and has collaborated with PegPerego to create electric Gator UV drivable toys for kids. These vehicles are fun and useful, but how do you charge them safely?

You can charge all electric John Deer Gators from any regular electrical outlet. The full-size Gator TE 4×2 has an onboard charger beneath the front seat. The PegPerego Gators have rechargeable batteries behind the front bush guard. These batteries can be charged with the included charger. 

The full-size electric utility vehicle from John Deere is powerful and practical, and the toy versions are great fun for kids. However, understanding how to charge these vehicles and where to find their charging systems can sometimes be challenging. Let’s learn how to find these systems and find some tips for charging them. 

How To Recharge A John Deere Gator TE 4×2 Electric

The John Deere Gator has become an iconic utility vehicle for smallholdings, farms, and industrial agriculture alike. These vehicles are tough and rugged, and they are incredibly versatile. 

The development of the Gator TE series from John Deere has brought the Gator into the world of electric vehicles and has completely changed the industry. 

The TE 4×2 Electric is as useful and versatile as any gas or diesel-powered Gator, but it is far easier to operate, significantly cheaper to run, and has almost zero maintenance requirements. 

However, while the vehicle is wonderfully practical, you must recharge it regularly to function. Understanding how the Gator TE charges and where to plug it in is critical for owning and operating this vehicle. 

The Gator TE 4×2 Electric is powered by a powerful electric motor run by high-capacity rechargeable batteries. The vehicle has a 12kWh battery capacity that provides several days of use before you must recharge it.

When the time to recharge arrives, you can use any regular electrical socket. This vehicle does not require a specialized charging source, outlet, or proprietary plugs.

This Gator features advanced technology that allows it to be changed from any plug and any power source. 

The charging system features stabilizing technology that allows the Gator TE to receive power from very low and very high power sources and can even withstand power cuts and surges without sustaining any damage. 

The charging system for the Gator TE is located under the passenger seat. 

Lift the seat, plug the charger into any regular wall outlet, and allow the Gator to charge. The charging system will automatically deactivate when fully charged, so there is no need to worry about unplugging the battery.

The Gator TE will take around 12 hours to fully charge from flat, but it will last for several days on a single charge, depending on how you use the vehicle. 

How Do You Charge PegPerego John Deere Gators?

Along with the Gator TE 4×2, John Deere has collaborated with PegPerego to create a mini version of the electric Gator intended for kids ages 3 to 8 years old. 

This little UV is great fun for all kids and is highly sought-after, but some features of these toy Gators can make them challenging to use. 

One of these features is that these Gators’ battery and charging system is complicated to find and use. 

However, when you know what to look for and how to use it, the charging system for these vehicles becomes straightforward. 

There are two PegPerego Gator vehicles, the XUV, and the HRX versions. 

Both vehicles use the same charging system, and the battery is stored in the same location. The only difference in this regard is how to access the battery for charging. 

To charge the PegPerego Gators, the users must first open the front panel under the brush guard, just beneath the front bumper or bull-bar. 

For the HRX version, this is done by pinching a small plastic clip on the right-hand side of the grill. 

The XUV model has a small lead screw that must be removed from just above the brush guard. When the brush guard is removed, pinch the two plastic clips on either side of the brush guard simultaneously. 

This process will drop the front panel on both models, exposing the battery compartment. 

When the battery compartment is open, remove the battery retention bar by sliding it out of the vehicle frame toward the right of the compartment. 

Remove the battery by sliding it forward out of the compartment and disconnecting it from the battery plug. 

When the battery is removed, charge the battery with the charger that came with the Gator. Plug the charger into any regular wall power outlet, and plug the battery adapter into the battery. 

The battery is charged when the LED light on the Gator charger turns yellow to green. You can then reinstall it.  

Always place the battery into the vehicle before plugging in the cable to avoid getting the plug snagged on anything during installation. 

Tips For Charging A John Deere Gator At Home

For the sake of simplicity, there are some important tips to remember when charging any high-capacity vehicle battery at home, be it a full-size Gator or a version for kids. 

Here are some tips for charging your Gator at home:

  • Avoid charging the vehicle or battery in direct sunlight or hot environments to prevent severe damage to the battery.
  • Do not charge the battery or vehicle in frigid environments, as it can cause unexpected behavior and reduce overall battery life.
  • Always plug in the vehicle to charge before the battery drains completely to ensure optimal charging and long battery life.
  • Charge the battery regularly, even if you are not using the vehicle. If these batteries are left to discharge without recharging, the battery life and performance will diminish drastically. 

Final Word

Charging a John Deere Gator at home is very simple. The full-size models and the kid’s versions are designed to be as simple as possible, and it’s easy to charge them from any regular 120-volt wall power outlet. 

All you need to know is where the charging system is on the vehicle, how to access it, and have the right adapters to plug it into the wall. Apart from this, there is nothing else to worry about regarding charging your Gator at home. 

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