What Time Are You Allowed To Cut Grass On A Sunday?

No one appreciates that one neighbor cranks up the lawnmower after 8 pm. Sure, you’re probably not in bed yet, but who does that? For obvious reasons, the early riser who mows the lawn at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning isn’t well-loved either.

The general consensus on lawnmowing etiquette is that it’s best to mow the lawn on Sundays no earlier than 10:00 am. The evening hours are more wide open. However, after 8:00 pm on any day is probably going to push some anti-neighborly buttons.

If you look up grass cutting times on a Sunday in the UK, you get a more strict and bolded answer. Between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. That’s pretty open and shut because Americans are a little more open about it. 

Is It Illegal To Mow Your Lawn On A Sunday?

We can’t speak for every single township, local jurisdiction, or county but probably not. However, just about anywhere you go—at least in suburban or rural areas outside of major metropolitan living—you’ll find noise ordinances. 

Noise ordinances are local laws on the noise level allowances during certain parts of the day. 

These usually target sustained noise that exceeds 60 decibels. 

However, some are lower than that. For a bit of reference, 60 decibels is conversation-level noise. 

Here are some randomly chosen examples of noise ordinances, including times, random locations, and noise levels: 

Of course, none of these towns mention a noise ordinance associated with lawnmowers. 

But, unfortunately, for those late-night purveyors of appropriately cut herbage, lawnmowers run at an average of 90 decibels, which is well above noise ordinance levels in any reasonable city, town, community, or neighborhood.

Since the average noise ordinance in many communities extends to 60 decibels (maximum) during the evening hours of any day during the week, you can technically mow your lawn up until 9:00 or 10:00 pm. 

The problem is whether or not you want to endear yourself to the neighbors that way. 

Common courtesy dictates a reasonable hour to hang it up on Sunday evenings and wait till at least 10:00 am.

If you happen to work a job that leaves you little room for neighborly lawnmowing etiquette, you should first chat with your neighbors about it. 

Even in today’s upside-down society, you’ll find that most people are pretty reasonable. 

Why Is It Rude To Mow Your Lawn Early Or Late On Sundays?

Certain traditions have been around since the beginning of time. Sunday is one of those days that has been set aside for rest, relaxation, and gathering with family.

Whether you believe working on a Sunday is morally wrong, it’s still considered rude to do yard work during specific Sunday hours.

A fiercely religious person will probably frown on you for mowing the lawn at any time of the day on Sunday. 

However, any theologian worth their salt will tell you there is a vast difference between servile and non-servile work.

Amish people are probably some of the hardest working people on the planet, and they abstain from working on Sundays. But, of course, if you find an Amish person on a gas-powered lawnmower, somebody is having a fit of rebellion.

For most people, it’s a simple understanding that many people work for a living and, if absolutely nothing else, Sunday should be a day of peace and quiet.

That doesn’t mean you can’t mow the lawn during the day on Sunday, so long as you’re respectful of the time of day and mow your lawn at a reasonable hour. 

If you can get away with doing it on a Saturday or a weekday, do so without reservation. 

In Terms Of Religious Observation, Is It A Sin To Work On Sunday?

Your rank and file church attendees will probably agree that it is a sin to mow the lawn on Sunday right before they mow their lawn on Sunday. But, honestly, you should look to a theologist to give you the best answer.

The “resting on Sundays” idea was derived primarily from the first two books of the Bible, where God rested on the seventh day after laboring for six days to create the world and everything in it. 

During the Israelite’s flight from Egypt, resting on the Sabbath day was enforced almost judiciously, with punishment sometimes resulting in death for those who didn’t observe the Sabbath. 

First and foremost, there is a separation between the Old and New Testaments, with the New preceding the Old. This is what theologians would refer to as Mosaic Law. 

The New Testament makes clear that the day of rest was incumbent upon the Israelites only.

According to the New Testament, the Old Sabbath is still referred to as the Lord’s day on Sunday, but it is referenced only in what it means for the future, not what you are bound to do or not to do on Sundays.

So rest easy because if you decide to mow the lawn on Sunday, you’re not going to be struck down by lightning unless you do it in an open field in the middle of a thunderstorm. In that case, it’s all on you.

Are There Other Reasons To Mow At Reasonable Hours On Sundays?

One of the best reasons to wait until mid-morning on a Sunday holds true for any other day of the week. You don’t want to mow wet grass. The morning dew takes a little while to burn off, which is why mid-morning—9:00 am to 10:00 am—is best.

Not only will it keep the neighbors happy, but it’s also reasonable from the perspective of keeping your lawn at its best. 

Also, your grass needs some “healing” time before the sun is gone for the day.

Sunlight and photosynthesis are plants’ and grass’s most important sources of life. If you cut your grass late at night, you’ve damaged it, and it cannot utilize the sunlight to effectualize repairs. 

If you mow the lawn around 9:00 am or 10:00 am, the grass has plenty of time to bask in the sun and grow back what you spent the morning slicing away. Morning waterings are essential as well. 

What’s The Best And Worst Time Of Day To Mow The Lawn?

The best time to mow the lawn, regardless of whether or not it’s Sunday, is always mid-morning. The worst part of the day to mow is early in the morning, mid-afternoon, and evening.

Of course, during the winter, you shouldn’t mow the lawn when there’s frost on the ground.

Also, mowing the lawn in the morning means cutting wet grass still coated in morning dew. It’s also not good to cut mid-afternoon or evening to avoid denying the lawn some time to heal in the sun. 

Final Word

In terms of being a good neighbor, mid-morning is always a fair compromise. But, of course, that also goes for any time of the week, although Sundays are probably more sensitive than the other six days. 

Besides, having friendly, happy neighbors is always a good thing. 

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