Does Walmart Mount And Sell Riding Mower Tires?

Walmart’s success has been based on lowering its profit margins to keep prices lower than its competitors. When it comes to tires, Walmart goes well beyond just providing car tires, with a selection of nearly 1,000 lawnmower tires as well, which doesn’t include all of the vehicle types Walmart services.

Walmart does mount lawnmower tires. However, not all stores do, so check with your local Walmart before taking it in. The mounting process is the same as if you were bringing a vehicle in for some tire work.

Walmart’s lawnmower tire selection is so large that numerous categories are needed to find the right tire for your particular lawnmower. That includes the make, model, year, body, position, and option. As a result, the selection is broad, with nearly 1,000 tires to choose from. 

We’ll look at the procedure of getting your tire mounted at Walmart and whether they sell mower tires.

How to Get Tires Mounted on Your Lawnmower

There are a lot of Walmart centers in America that will mount your lawnmower tires for you, and the Walmarts that provide the service will generally mount other vehicle-type tires, such as bikes, tractors, and ATVs. But unfortunately, not every Walmart will do this because they aren’t all equipped with the necessary tools and expertise. 

Some Walmarts don’t even have a tire center, so don’t be surprised that some don’t offer lawnmower tire mounting services. 

If your Walmart does, you’re in luck, and all you need to do is bring your lawnmower in. 

It’s no different than taking your car in for a routine tire service, maintenance, or replacement. Just be sure to call ahead before you head in to ensure that your Walmart services lawnmower tires. 

Does Walmart Sell Lawnmower Tires

Walmart has an exhaustive list of lawnmower tires of every type imaginable. You can visit their online store and locate lawnmower tires in three ways. The first is by going to this link.

The second way to find tires for your lawnmower is by going to

  • Highlight “Departments” at the top of the screen
  • Scroll down and highlight “Auto, Tires, and Industrial
  • Scroll down to tires and select “Specialty” tires
  • Select the year that your lawnmower was manufactured
  • Select the make of your lawnmower
  • Select the model of your lawnmower
  • Select the Body > Option > Position

Lawnmower tires fall under the “specialty” tires section. First, however, you’ll have to browse the bicycle tires, tractor tires, ATVs, and many others. Walmart combined all the different tires on the same page. 

If you want straight lawnmower tires, type in “lawnmower tires” in the search box at the top of the page. 

This will bring up 1,000+ results, but you won’t have the option to enter your year, model, make, etc. So it’s probably easier to get a precision search by going through the bolded steps listed above. 

Each tire in the tire category that you are searching for also has a +Add symbol next to it. 

Once you select the +Add option, you can determine how many tires you want in this category and automatically drop them into your online cart. 

Even if your Walmart doesn’t have a tire service center, choosing your lawnmower tires in this manner, placing them in your cart, and purchasing them online, Walmart will automatically have them shipped to your local Walmart for pickup. 

If your Walmart doesn’t do lawnmower tire mounting, you may still want to take advantage of their lower prices, pick them up, and have them mounted elsewhere. 

Almost any tractor supply company will have technicians who know how to mount lawnmower tires if it’s not a DIY project for you. 

Can Walmart Mount Tractor Tires?

You may have a ton of real estate to mow, meaning you might go at it with a tractor and an attachment. If that’s the case, the only tires that you’re going to worry about are the tractor’s tires. 

The answer to whether or not Walmart mounts tractor tires is the same as it is for lawnmowers, which depends on your particular Walmart. Most Walmarts have a tire and lube center, even if it’s not much more than a small buy-and-sell shop. 

However, it’s not always easy to hire a staff large enough to support the tire and lube center and the additional personnel necessary to inspect, repair, maintain, and mount lawnmower or tractor tires. 

This is especially true if the Walmart in question doesn’t do enough business in that category to justify hiring those qualified employees. 

Walmarts are insanely busy even on a slow day, and having a rare tractor or lawnmower come through is more of a distraction than a profitable business. 

Walmarts that are located in areas of the country where farming and real estate maintenance is a massive part of daily life are probably going to be more likely to have lawnmower and tractor tire mounting services. 

How Much Does it Cost to Mount Tires on a Lawnmower?

Walmart doesn’t have a set, easy-to-locate pricing structure for their tire mounting services in the various Walmarts across the country. However, the general pricing structure for mounting lawnmower tires will be between $15 and $45 per tire. 

It’s doubtful that Walmart would charge you the total $45 price per tire, but you never know, especially when it comes to more complex lawnmowers. Walmart didn’t get to where it is today by charging the max price or raking consumers over the coals. 

The going charge for Walmart to mount tires on a standard vehicle is only $14 per tire, so it shouldn’t be much more than that for lawnmowers and will probably be less. 

Can You Mount Your Own Lawnmower Tires?

In case your Walmart doesn’t perform lawnmower tire maintenance, including mounting and balancing tires on a lawnmower, you may have to do it on your own, assuming you prefer DIY projects anyway. One thing is for sure. It saves a lot of money in the long run. 

You can do it on your own, using some basic hand tools if that is all you have. Of course, every lawnmower is different, but, for the most part, changing the tire is universal.

  • Lay the tire on its side and stomp on it to release the tire bead from the rim
  • Get some liquid soap and dump it where the tire meets the rim, all the way around
  • Use a large crowbar/flathead screwdriver and insert it between the rim and tire
  • Work your way around, pulling the rim up from the tire
  • Use plenty of soap to keep it lubed (do not use oil)
  • Here’s a good video representation to check
  • Reverse the process to mount the new tire

That’s the last resort, obviously, but if you have the time and the money to do so and your local Walmart doesn’t offer the service, then by all means.

Final Thoughts

There are many Walmarts out there that will mount lawnmower tires for you. However, not all of them do so. So be sure to call your local Walmart and check before you head out. 

It’s better to know and be disappointed than drive all the way to Walmart and have to turn back home with the job still ahead of you. 

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