Do Zero Turn Mowers Have Suspension And Shocks?

You’re missing out on a lot if you’re not familiar with zero-turn mowers. They’re easier and faster than tractors, and they’re highly versatile. The way zero-turn mowers are designed, their mowing deck goes on the front, and their rear wheels are their pivot point. 

Do Zero Turn Mowers Have Suspension And Shocks? 

The short answer is yes; these mowers often come with suspension and shocks. In addition, the rear wheels of these mowers are designed to articulate independently, which allows them to pivot on their axis. This design gives the mower a much tighter turning radius than a tractor, which is ideal for mowing around obstacles or in tight spaces. 

That said, not all zero-turns ride smoothly. For example, the independent rear wheels make the mower more stable on uneven terrain, but the ride can still be bumpy because the mower is so low to the ground. 

So, if you’re in the market for a zero-turn, it’s essential to understand what suspensions and shocks do and how they can impact your ride. 

What Are Shocks And Suspension?

Shocks and suspension aren’t two completely different things. Shocks or shock absorbers are part of what’s called the suspension system.  

The suspension system is a defensive lattice made of shock-absorbing parts in your vehicle. It makes your driving smooth and safe by absorbing energy from road bumps. 

The shocks–integral parts of the suspension system—are responsible for controlling the impact of the mower’s springs. They also ensure the mower’s wheels stay in contact with the ground and do not slide off.

The shocks go between the wheels and frame of the car. 

As for the suspension system, it consists of other parts plus shocks. In addition, there are springs and struts, which are responsible for the mower’s smooth traversing on the soil.

Do Zero Turn Mowers Have Suspension And Shocks?

Yes, some zero-turn mowers have suspension and shocks. Having suspension increases the efficiency of your mower significantly.

For one, it saves time. You can finish a lot of work with the least time and effort because you don’t stop at every pump on the road.

Additionally, the suspension system in zero-turn mowers allows its wheels to advance up and down independently. As a result, it makes your mower walk smoothly on uneven turf. 

Because zero-turn mowers have suspension, they consequently have shocks. However, they eradicate shock to the frame. So a zero-turn mower will be handy if your lawn has any bumps. 

What Are The Components of Suspension Systems in Zero Turn Mowers?

Now, let’s tackle the suspension system in detail. In zero-turn mowers, the suspension system consists of six parts, which are:

  • Control arm: It attaches the mower’s body to the steering knuckle.
  • Steering knuckle: It supports the wheel hub.
  • Springs: It supports the vehicle’s weight and empowers the wheel and control arm to go up and down.
  • Ball joints allow the steering knuckle and control arm to move from side to side.
  • Control arm bushing enables the control arm to sway up and down.
  • Shock absorbers: They prevent the suspension from bouncing after the compression of springs.

Are Zero Turn Mowers With Suspension Good?

Now that we’ve covered that some zero-turn mowers have suspension let’s see what difference it makes in their performance.


As mentioned earlier, zero-turn mowers save time and effort. In addition, their suspension systems speed up the cutting process because they traverse the rough ground smoothly.


Because the suspension system eliminates road shocks, you’ll have a comfortable ride with no felt bumps.

Extended Life

Zero-turn mowers are often made of heavy materials. As a result, they don’t depend on frame flex to maintain their four wheels on the ground. 

Instead, they rely on suspension, which preserves the chassis from shock load. So, it’ll live longer. 

Things to Put Into Consideration When Buying Your Zero Turn Mower

You probably took a lot of time getting your lawn to its current shape, and you don’t want to ruin that by using a lousy mower. 

So let’s go together through the factors that determine a perfect zero-turn mower. 


The most important part you should check in any machine is its engine—the more powerful the engine, the more efficient the mower. 

Any mower has a large deck that requires a powerful engine. When the deck rotates, it needs more power to cut your lawn. Always choose the engine’s power according to the size of your yard. 

Generally, mowers with 16–20 horsepower should be good enough for most lawns.

Fuel Capacity

Bigger lawns consume more fuel; it’s a no-brainer. If your garden is larger than average, you’ll want to choose a mower with a considerable fuel capacity.

Remember that you’ll have to drain the remnant fuel from your tank when finished. If you leave it in the tank for days, it’ll likely expire. 

So, make sure not to get a mower with a larger tank than necessary. You don’t want to waste fuel because you overestimated your lawn’s needs.

Best Zero Turn Mowers With Suspension

Now, you know how to check your mower’s components. So it’s time to know the top three zero-turn mowers with suspension. 

Ferris Zero Turn Mowers With Suspension

Ferris has a whole line of zero-turn mowers with a patented suspension technology. They’re suitable for both home and professional mowing. The suspension system in these mowers works to lessen the impact of exhaustion. Additionally, it reduces the effects brought by uneven ground and vibrations. 

Each wheel of the mowers is devised to help you move quickly and smoothly. The manufacturers designed them to operate in equal motions to help get things done quickly and efficiently. 

The suspension system decreases the effects of shock motions on the body of your mower. This leads to a longer lifespan, adding value to the money you pay.

Toro MyRide Suspension System 

Toro has a patented suspension system called MyRide. It’s used in three model families in the company, which shows you just how efficient it is.

The suspension system can suppress the impact of sideways movements to the slightest level. 

In addition, you can adapt the rear suspension to match your needs. For example, you’ll notice a significant decrease in shock when treading uneven ground. 

Because of the highly developed suspension system, the influence of fatigue is remarkably lessened. 

Exmark Suspension System

Like Toro and Ferris, Exmark developed a suspension system for its mowers. It’s currently used on the Lazer Z and Radius models. 

The solid suspension system involves a well-built wire loop to sustain the effect of shock aside. Using the mowers, you’ll suffer less backache because the lawn will move as smoothly as you want it to. Exmark mowers are also adaptable in terms of weight.

How to Maintain the Suspension System on Your Mower

To expand your ZTM suspension system’s lifespan, you must look for the following parts.

The Shocks

It’s better to inspect the shock absorbers regularly to ensure there’s no leak. If you find any leaking, you’ll need to replace them. Otherwise, the damage will reach other components of the suspension system. 

The Bushings

The bushings of a suspension system are cushioned parts, usually made of rubber. They go on the steering joints, and their job is to reduce the noise and vibration from the road bumps.

You’ll want to check your mower’s bushings every once in a while to ensure everything is intact. Otherwise, your mower may start getting extra noisy.

The Hydraulic Pumps

There are detached hydraulic parts in zero-turn mowers. They control the movement of the right and left tires. So check the hydraulic system every once in a while to ensure everything is working correctly.


You must have well-inflated tires to keep your suspension system from being damaged. Under-inflated tires will stress the whole suspension system of your mower.

Final Word

Zero-turn mowers with suspension provide a comfortable and efficient mowing experience. First, however, you need to know how to pick the right model for you and take care of it.

Don’t forget to check your mower’s suspension system and components regularly. Fixing anything is easier when you find it early. Additionally, ensuring your mower is in good shape ensures your lawn stays as beautiful as it is.

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