Can I Trade In My John Deere Mower? [Does John Deere Accept Trade Ins?]

John Deere is among the largest names in agriculture and gardening equipment, and they produce a vast range of gear to suit every need. This brand is also constantly releasing new and upgraded equipment, which leads many to wonder if John Deere accepts trade-ins. 

You can trade in your John Deere mower, but the dealer is not always likely to take the deal, and this is not always the best option for your old mower. If you can get a good deal for trading in, then make the deal, but if you get better value from selling second-hand, then it is the better option. 

Trading in a mower for a new model is a good way to make the most of your money. It will usually supply you with a good mower that you may not have been able to afford without a trade-in. Does John Deere permit trade-ins of their mowers? What is the process like? Is trading in your mower worthwhile? Let’s find out!

Can You Trade-In Your Mower At John Deere?

John Deere’s mowers are some of the very best ever made. This brand produces some of the best mowers on the market. 

However, regardless of how good your mower is, it will eventually require a replacement. 

The limited lifespan of mowers, coupled with John Deere’s regular release of new models, creates a strong incentive for owners to trade in their current model to upgrade to a newer model. 

John Deere accepts trade-ins for certain mower models, but the trade-in policy differs from each individual John Deere dealer branch. 

This means that while general John Deere policy does permit trade-ins if the mower does not meet specific requirements, the mower will be refused for a trade-in. 

How To Find Out If Your John Deere Dealer Accepts Trade-Ins?

Use the Internet to find out what the John Deere official website states regarding trade-ins. This will give you an idea of whether or not they will give you money for your current model. 

Most local John Deere dealers will honor what the official website does. 

That said, the deal you get for your mower, the one you can get for the trade-in, and even the trade-in itself, is at the dealer’s discretion. 

The dealer does not need to trade in your mower if they see little or no value in it, and they may end up refusing the trade-in altogether. 

Does John Deere Always Accept Trade-Ins?

John Deere is a large company that does allow trade-ins on certain products. Still, some mower owners have had a good experience trading in their mower, while others have been unsuccessful. 

The reality is that every aspect of the trade-in is completely at the discretion of the John Deere dealer. 

The dealer will assess a trade-in based on how much they can re-sell the mower for. 

If the dealer does not think they can get much for the mower, they will likely refuse the trade-in.

However, if the trade-in is worth something or you want a significant upgrade, the dealer will likely go through with the deal. 

John Deere does not always accept trade-ins, but they are more likely to accept a trade-in on a mower that is in very good condition, a mower that has low hours of use, and a mower that is a relatively recent model. 

Do not walk into a John Deere dealer with a 15-year-old mower and expect a trade-in or a deal on your mower with a misfiring motor. 

The better the condition of your mower, the more likely it is to be accepted for a trade-in, but the terms of the deal are still always decided by the dealer. 

Why Is John Deere Particular About Trade-Ins?

Given John Deere’s significant size and diverse range of products, it’s easy to question why the company won’t take a trade-in of any model of their own equipment. 

The reality is that when someone looks for a second-hand mower, they don’t look to purchase one at their local John Deere dealer. 

Instead, most people turn to online classifieds such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, or other online marketplaces. Most people understand they will pay a lot more at their local home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes, etc.   

This means there is a very small margin for success when setting up a trade-in mower at a dealership.

A person who enters a John Deere dealership looking for a mower is unlikely to be scouting for a second-hand machine, which means they have the budget for a new mower and will be reluctant to buy a second-hand mower that requires repairs. 

All of this means that a John Deere dealership is far less likely to sell a second-hand, trade-in mower than they are to sell a new mower, which makes the company reluctant to enter into trade-in deals altogether. 

Can You Trade In Your John Deere Mower Somewhere Else?

If you are looking for a new owner and want to use your current mower as the basis for a trade-in deal, you do not have to go to John Deere for the trade-in, even if you still want to get a new John Deere mower. 

Some companies specialize in agricultural equipment trade-ins and will sell you a mower of your preferred brand as part of the deal. 

These companies work because people looking for a second-hand mower know these are a good and reliable way to get one for a good price. 

These companies are second-hand stores that can sell new equipment when necessary. It makes sense for these companies to enter trade-in deals because they are sure to sell the old mower and make money on the new one. 

Final Word

Whether or not you can trade in your old John Deere mower for a new one depends on the age, condition, and particular model of your mower. 

Most local John Deere dealers won’t accept models older than a few years. The great thing is that John Deere is an iconic brand name and holds their value better than most other outdoor equipment. 

If your local John Deere dealer doesn’t accept trade-ins, consider selling it online. 

It is often better to sell a mower than trade it in unless the dealer is willing to give you a fantastic deal for the motor. 

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