Can A John Deere Zero Turn Pull A Trailer? [How Much Weight Can It Pull?]

John Deere has been known as a leader in the mower industry for a while now. The company is rightfully one of the best on the market, and it’s for all good reasons. But can it pull a trailer and how much can it pull?

The short answer is yes, but the towing weight will vary depending on the towing capacity. If you’re unsure how much weight yours can pull, refer to the owner’s manual. 

John Deere mowers are known for their sturdiness, durability, and high functionality. They may be a bit expensive compared to other brands, but their value for money is exceptional.

How Do People Use Their Zero Turn Mowers?

A lot of zero-turn owners nowadays use their mowers for pulling trailers. I mean, if you already have a hefty machine that can pull a weight behind, why would you get an alternative for the job?

Let’s see all about John Deere mowers and their pulling capacities.

Can a John Deere Zero Turn Pull A Trailer?

Like most zero-turn mowers, a John Deere mower can pull a trailer. However, it depends on the weight of the trailer. All mowers have maximum weight capacities that they can’t pass. So, to know whether your John Deere mower will be able to pull a trailer, you need to know its pulling capacity first.

For example, the smaller John Deere models, like the Z335E and the Z355E, can only pull around 300–350 pounds. So if your trailer is that light, you can use the zero-turn mower to pull it. Otherwise, you’ll have to get another vehicle for the job.

At the same time, the hefty models like the Z950M and the Z960M are capable of pulling heavyweights, ranging from 650 to 750 pounds. If your trailer is around that weight, the zero-turn mower will be able to pull it just fine.

How Much Weight Can a John Deere Zero Turn Pull?

It depends on the model of your mower. Not all John Deere zero turns are created equal. Some of them are more capable of carrying heavy weight, while some can’t tow more than 300 pounds. 

Here’s a roundup of the most famous models and their maximum pulling capacities.

  • Z345R: 300 pounds
  • Z355E and Z355R: 345 pounds
  • Z515E: 465 pounds
  • Z530R and Z545R: 500 pounds
  • Z730M and Z735M: 580 pounds
  • Z915E: 706 pounds
  • Z930M and Z950M: 765 pounds

Can All Zero Turn Mowers Pull a Trailer?

Most zero-turn mowers have built-in hitches, which enable you to attach a trailer or any equipment you want to pull. Some people also attach hitches to their mowers when they need to pull something. 

Any zero-turn mower can pull a trailer if it falls within a reasonable weight limit. Typically, larger zero-turn mowers and mowers with powerful engines can tow heavier weights.

How Much Weight Can Residential John Deere Mowers Pull?

A residential zero turn mower can pull a weight that doesn’t exceed half of its weight. So, for example, if a mower is 1000 pounds heavy, it shouldn’t pull more than 500–600 pounds. You’ll also want to consider the rider’s weight because it adds to the overall weight of the mower.

Some mowers don’t follow that rule, though, and they comfortably pull more than half of their weight. So in the end, it depends on your mower, its material, and its sturdiness.

On the other hand, commercial mowers can tow weights up to twice their size. They’re designed for hauling heavy weight comfortably, and their engines will be powerful enough for the job.

To know how much weight your zero turn mower can pull, you can always check its user manual. All manuals will have the mowers’ specifications listed, including the weight and towing capacity.

What If You Tow More Weight Than the Mower Can Handle?

Your zero turn mower has a towing capacity listed for a reason. If you go over it, you’re putting more strain on the engine, which is the main operator of the mower. So, aside from the damage that’ll happen to the mower itself, you’re risking damaging the engine or causing it to shut off.

The smaller the engine, the more strain you’ll put on it by towing a trailer. That’s why mowers with small engines shouldn’t be used for towing. 

Before attempting to do it, make sure your motor is working fine and doesn’t require repair or maintenance. 

What to Do If You Want To Pull a Trailer Using Your Mower

Before attempting to tow a trailer using your mower, you need to take a couple of steps to ensure your mower will handle it. That way, you ensure the safety of both your trailer and mower.

Check the User Manual

Before attempting to tow a trailer with your mower, the first thing you should do is to check the user manual. It’ll tell you the mower’s weight and towing capacity, and it may tell you whether the mower can tow or not.

Some small mowers won’t have built-in hitches, so they won’t be cut out for towing tasks. However, most of these mowers will include somewhere in the manual that you’re risking canceling the warranty by using them to pull a trailer.

So, to make sure your mower is suitable for towing, check the user manual before proceeding.

How To Confirm The Mower’s Towing Capacity

Now that you’re sure the mower can be used for towing, it’s time to confirm its towing capacity. If you pull more weight than the mower can handle, you’re risking damaging its parts. 

Sometimes, the user manual won’t have the towing capacity listed. In this case, you’ll want to check the manufacturer’s website and look for your specific model. Otherwise, you may ask neighbors or friends who have the same mower or have one of the same weight.

Bear in mind that some mowers are drastically different in their towing capacities. For example, some mowers won’t tow more than 300 pounds, while others are capable of pulling 1500-pound trailers normally. So, don’t depend on your knowledge of other mowers for this bit.

Tips for Pulling a Trailer Using a Zero Turn Mower

Towing something with your mower isn’t always a breeze. There’s always a risk of damaging your mower or running something over. Here are some precautions you can follow while towing to ensure your mower stays safe.

  • Try always to ride the mower slowly, allowing for some extra meters to stop because the load will cause the mower to stop slower.
  • Don’t ride the mower downhill while towing a heavyweight because the weight may cause the trailer to topple over the mower.
  • Double-check the mower’s tires before attempting to tow and make sure they have enough traction against the ground. If there’s no traction, the tires may slip, and you may find the mower speeding out of your control.
  • When towing, always make sure you’re turning on wide angles, so the trailer doesn’t collide with the mower or vice versa.
  • Stay within the mower’s towing weight limit because exceeding it puts you at risk of breaking the warranty. Not to mention, it may break some of your mower’s parts.
  • Avoid towing near water streams because of the risk of falling in the water, especially if it’s your first time doing it.


A John Deer can pull a trailer, but only if its towing capacity allows. Some zero-turn mowers are light, so they can’t tow heavyweights. Likewise, hefty ones can pull heavy loads just fine. 

It depends on your model and whether it has a hitch. You can always buy a kit and install it yourself if it doesn’t.

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